KSK World Cup Open Thread: Argentina-Iran! Germany-Ghana! Nigeria-Bosnia & Herzegovina

06.21.14 3 years ago 326 Comments

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The morning starts off with Group F leaders Argentina facing off against Iran in a matchup that could give Argentina a bit of a headache. Iran played to a solid 0-0 draw against Nigeria with a strong, organized defense that is certain to tighten up even further facing the high-speed Argentineans. Despite an own goal by Bosnia and Herzegovina three minutes into the game, it took a second half breakthrough by superstar Lionel Messi to get his team going against the defensive-minded Bosnia and Herzegovina team. Expect Argentina to challenge early to wear down the Iranian side as quickly as possible.

Midday gives us the World Cup equivalent of Eli versus Peyton when half-brothers face each other; Jerome Boateng for Germany and Kevin-Prince Boateng of Ghana. Sharing the same father, Kevin-Prince Boateng opted to play for his fraternal homeland at a young age when competition for playing time started to get more difficult to come by in Germany. Ghana’s going to want to show some fight after losing to the US, but let’s hope the Germany that resoundingly trounced Portugal decides it wants to do the same to Ghana so the US has an easier go of it later in the week. So while it may be counterintuitive to our “always root for chaos” motto to dream of a dominate Deutschland (in soccer, not world order), do it anyway.

The last match of the day finishes off the second round of Group F action as Nigeria play Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina held their own against Argentina, giving away what could have been a certain draw with an own goal early in the match and should look to get their first win against a banged up Nigerian side.

Or you can nap to the final game. Your Saturday. We won’t judge.

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