Ted Daniel Quintet Has Sweet Dreams For Your Writer’s Block

11.03.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Listening to music while writing is almost impossible for me. My train of thought gets derailed pretty easily and, typically, most beats are just too overwhelming not to deter my mental momentum. Some people might call that a problem, the producer in me likes to call it a gift. Either way, the glitch is tough to fix and my better half walks into the house to see me sitting in silence quite often.

Earlier this week, however, I finally got some background music that might actually make the packaging on my gift of gab a little more crisp.

In an effort to ease our minds on a brisk, fall morning, our fearless leader Gotty sent over a link to a tune by the Ted Daniel Quintet, an act neither one of us had heard of prior to opening our Gmail that day. The song at hand was “Sweet Dreams (For Your Eyes)” and at just over 200 views, nothing about this rung reminiscent of anything G typically sends over. But, that was for the better.

Originally recorded in a loft during 1974 and re-released by French label Porter Records in ’08, this slow-burning joint from the US-born jazz nomad isn’t some rappity-rapper claiming ‘real hip-hop,’ nor does it feature 2 Chainz. Instead of redundancy, the mild-mannered, instrumental ballad leaves listeners coasting in a lazy river of glue, where surroundings are muted by Daniel’s drawn-out trumpets and waves of cymbal crashes. It’s like getting a full-body massage, where your back still hurts afterward. Or, taking a walk downtown, at 4:45 AM.

If you too have a problem narrowing in on the task at hand, I highly recommend keeping Ted’s track close. One thing, though. Have coffee handy, or the only thing helped will be your sleep schedule.

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