Local Smoke Shop Welcomes Tyrann Mathieu To Phoenix

05.06.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

Known lover of the bud, Tyrann Mathieu, has been welcomed to Arizona by the friendly burnouts at Bud’s Glass Joint. Haha, it’s funny because Honey Badger has been fond of the weed and this place wants cheap publicity. At least it makes more sense than the mattress company that reached out to Peyton Manning with a billboard when people thought there was a chance that Pey-Pey would sign with Arizona.

Random aside: Smoke shops are annoying because laws in many jurisdictions prevent you from using weed-related terms while patronizing them. For instance, if you say you want to look at a bong while in a smoke shop, you’ll get promptly reprimanded and possibly removed from the store. Granted, this isn’t the fault of the stores so much as pointless, paranoid anti-weed laws but I take it out on the stores because I’m anti-business like that.

Anyway, not sure how the shop intends to put an image of Honey Badger in its ad with the LSU and Nike logo visible without getting sued, but I might be giving too much credit to Bud’s marketing team (Bud plus Chinese takeout) in this case.

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