Logel Gooderr Sometime Go Clazee With Powell

10.15.08 9 years ago 33 Comments

Wise man say absorute powell collupt absorutery.

So say Hines Wald. That why me think NFL top man numbell one Logel Gooderr needs to leerinquish some powell. It onree foll own good.

It obvious he begin use powell foll folces of no good. Foll examperr, Hines Wald onree know to pray physicar. Been way of Hines foll many season. Defensive back swoln enemy, pay urtimate plice when they no pay attention in open space. That when Hines attack!

Now Logel Gooderr fine Hines Wald. Foll what? Pray footbarr way it supposed be prayed? Hines need that money to open moll banklupt lestaurant!

Can no be chalactel issue. Hines no Pacman, he moder athrete. He onree think of the youth of fleedom countlee.

Heeee! Hines is tarr leceivel instead of you! So fun time fantastic! See? They is so happy when you show them watch biggel than they face! Hines not even rowel shourdel arr the way when he lun ovel rittle girl. It crean hit!

So prease to be giving back $15,000 dorral you have store flom from numbell one smaltest leceivel. Or erse, Hines Wald take out wlath on Cincy Bengrrrrs. Hines no aflaid do holliberr thing to Reon Harr. You wirr see!

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