The Lost Boyz Are Back

07.14.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

Similar to eskay, the Lost Boyz were never my favorite Hip-Hop group. Havoc and P always held the top spot when it came to Queens rhyming partners. So, yeah, that was that. Even still, it is good to see the group (or what’s left of it with Freaky Tah having passed away 11 years ago and DJ Spigg Nice incarcerated) continuing to make music well over two decades in the game.

In “Haaay,” the group’s two remaining members – Mr. Cheeks and Pretty Lou – tackle Sin City and everything it has to offer. The Shy-Tee produced single stands as the first look into their currently untitled fifth studio album. On first few listens, the song hasn’t reached out and smacked me across the face yet, but things can change. However, all you LB fans out there should appreciate the group’s reemergence onto the scene.

I guess I’ll go listen to Legal Drug Money for old times’ sake.

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