100-Word Review: Mally’s ‘The Colors Of Black’

04.21.14 3 years ago

Mally The Colors of Black Cover Art

Mally’s latest outing, The Colors of Black, may perhaps be his strongest yet. Sonically, it’s a powerful album, with his deep voice projecting purposefully, especially on records like “Two Worlds and “Crimson.” Also, his flow is equally sharp, adding to his rhymes by bringing to the table a rubber band-like delivery that flexes within pockets of the production (see “Not Never…”), making the most of almost every moment he gets. And despite a small hiccup on the lethargic “Hold My Tongue,” The Colors of Black will be one of the best albums most won’t hear this year.

Standout Songs: “Innervisions,” “Everything Else But Me,” “City of Fear”

Songs to Skip: “Hold My Tongue”

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