Mo Wilkerson Promotes Pyramid Scheme On Instagram

04.24.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

If you follow Jets defensive end Mohammed Wilkerson on Instagram, you may have seen posts like this one, in which he encourages you to become a business partner in a company called WakeUpNow. Well, if you’ve been considering this even for a second, we have some strong advice for you: DON’T FUCKING DO IT! IT’S A PYRAMID SCHEME! THEY’RE GONNA TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY!

Per our tipster:

“Wake Up Now” is an archetypal pyramid scheme — much worse than Herbalife where there are people arguing both sides of the issue. It wouldn’t really be noteworthy, except that 1) a very good NFL player is promoting it and 2) it now appears to be a pump-and-dump scheme as well. In the past month the stock is up from a penny to $7.44, valuing the company at $124m.

Based on the fact that there are now people being scammed both by the scheme itself and by the stock (to the tune of $124mm!), I think this will become a widely covered story very soon… For now, it is just a funny story about Mo Wilkerson being dumb.

So yeah, this is a straight up scam all the way. According to online scam buster Ethan Vanderbilt, you pay for access to something called the HUB, which apparently allows you to search for deals on the Internet. It’s $24.95 a month for silver membership, $49.95 for gold, and $99.95 for platinum. The problem, as Vanderbilt points out, is that all of the deals you can find on the Hub can just as easily be found by searching on Google, or even just going to Priceline. So, when you buy into the Hub, you are spending money for nothing (and probably not getting any chicks for free).

The question is why Wilkerson is promoting this. Frankly, it’s unlikely he even has any clue this is a pyramid scheme. A company just offered him a shit-ton of money to promote something, and because humans love money, he said yes without giving it so much as a second thought. Celebrities promote products on Twitter and Instagram all the time because they have a ton of followers, and it’s an easy way for corporations to get the word out.  Chances are, after the fallout from this, Wilkerson will be a lot more careful about which companies he chooses to promote in the future.

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