Mr. Carmack Got The Joints That Make You Say “Deeeeeeyum!”

08.23.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Mr. Carmack

The innanet has blessed me with some dope instrumental hip-hop this year as you can tell by my post history. Well, this time, Mr. Carmack’s on deck to grace us with his jams. I feel some type of way about just hearing his music at the start of 2013. Eh, you know what they say about being late. Either way I feel like he’s got the capacity to be a big name in due time. Hear why in just a second.

Name a style and Mr. Carmack can match it with ease. Dude’s discog takes bits and pieces of everything from Soul to Dubstep. Yet he manages to give them a home in the rap side of things. He’s got a good amount of joints to sift through which is a good thing considering his talent. All things considered I suggest checking out his Volume series first. My personal favorite is Vol. 2 with cuts like “Busted” and its punchy drums, “Crash” which sounds a track perfect for Pac Div and “Free” featuring a more throwback vibe.

Nowadays he leans more towards beats with trap sensibilities but they slap all the same. For instance, “Shroomeries” demands a good sound system with those damn 808s. Then there’s “Trigger” which also lies in our 100 songs we enjoyed post. It’s got a great, improvisational feel as each switch up adds great progression and replay value to his works. I like to call it “rap easy listening” but I doubt it’ll catch on.

Mr. Carmack’s versatility deserves praise because he manages to make his drastic style switches sound organic. His transitions beyond standard drops also shouldn’t be understated. His star’s also rising with looks from Mad Decent, Soulection and recently “hung out” at TDE studios. Who knows what comes with that last hint but, hey, a Black Hippy x Carmack collaboration sounds like a good time to my ears. Now get familiar with the rest of his stuff and let me know what you think.

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