Mr. Nick Presents A Tribute To Stevie Wonder Vol. 1

04.06.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Mr. Nick should be a doctor, or at least a male nurse or something, for his ability to load any sample with 100ccs of soul. While adding any amount of flavor to a Stevie Wonder sample should be like emptying a glass of water into the ocean, Nick manages to do each track justice on the second installment of his monthly tribute series.

This tribute to Stevie Wonder takes on the legend’s early years, flipping classics like “I Wanna Make Her Love Me” and “Bang Bang.” The latter is grimy and muddy like the Mississippi waters Nick has emerged from.

As usual, download and donate whatever you feel is right. MCs, if you’re spitting over these beats, come correct.

Download – Mr. Nick Presents: A Tribute To Stevie Wonder Vol. 1 (1961-1969) | Alt. Link

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