MySpace’s Latest Move To Bring People Back Reeks Of Desperation

06.02.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

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In checking your “social” or “promoted” Gmail folders this morning, you might’ve run across an embarrassing several-year-old photo of yourself perched in your inbox. The sender of that creepy-ass photo? MySpace.

Why, exactly, was it there?

From Mashable:

The social network is emailing users old photos of themselves in hopes of enticing them to return to Myspace. The emails include one or two old photos and a line that reads, “The good, the rad and the what were you thinking…” along with a link that takes users to their profile.

Mashable considers this tactic clever, if in the end it’s ultimately a failure. Since Myspace relaunched in 2013–with an admittedly sexy re-design, courtesy of Australian digital-development agency JosephMark–it’s fashioned itself as both a place for music industry insiders and fans looking for editorial music content.

What is hasn’t fashioned itself as, at least successfully in years, is a social-networking site, and diet-blackmailing people with drunk pics from the early-aughts doesn’t seem too endearing. Mashable notes that they’ve heard nothing about whether the move has attracted people back to the site. But here’s a guess: it probably hasn’t brought them back, and not just because it’s, well, weird. Consider that many former users have changed their email addresses since deleting their Myspace account, so relying on people who still use their Hotmail accounts probably isn’t the best way to bring back your social-networking platform.

But you keep doing you, Myspace.

Oh, and drop your emailed photos in the comments section if you want us to know what you were like in the G-Unit era.

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