Break Out The Baseball Bats…

07.08.09 8 years ago 9 Comments

According to HipHopDX, Naughty By Nature’s early-nineties endorsement money has dried up and the hip-hop honorees will finally be releasing a new album. Due out later this year, the trios reunited return to music will feature Akon, Jamie Foxx and longtime affiliate Queen Latifah, along with their own spin on The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” The first single will be “Get To Know Me Better.”

“We have a single called ‘Get To Know Me Better,’ and this song will definitely catch everybody off-guard. I’m on there and I’m doing something different with my voice. People don’t really know that it’s me. It’s a club-banger,” said Vin, who wished not to say if he was implying the use of Auto-Tune.

“The B-side is a joint called ‘I Got A Lotta,’ which Treach, he’s on there by himself. It’s definitely a street track. Funkmaster Flex, it’s one of his favorite records. We just did a clean vocal edit on it, ’cause the original version just had too many mutes in it.”

Considering iiCons might as well have Big Willie Style, it’s about damn time the boys from Illtown went hard again.

Naughty By Nature Talks Microsoft Partnership, Album [HipHopDX]

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