NBA Lockout Report: Michael Beasley Busted For Marijuana Possession And Speeding

07.06.11 6 years ago 15 Comments

Obviously, someone dropped the ball in passing the message to current Minnesota Timberwolves swingman Michael Beasley that speeding with weed in the car isn’t exactly the smartest decision. Here he was preparing to drown his NBA lockout sorrows in the finest herbal essences Minnetonka had to offer (allegedly) – until the local police ruined that potential one-man cipher. Beasley was pulled over after being clocked for doing 84 mph in a 65 which eventually led to the discovery of 16.2 grams of Wiz Khalifa’s favorite plant. Each charge doesn’t appear to carry much punishment however, as both are expected to be dealt with via fines.

Ironically, the bust comes nearly two years after he last made headlines for a similar offense with his now infamous tattoo Twitpic revealing what appeared to be a bag of weed on a table. No chance David Kahn feels ever-so-slightly vindicated for selecting Derrick Williams though, right? No, of course not. I didn’t think so either.

Michael Beasley Cited For Marijuana Possession And Speeding [SLAM]

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