Hip-Hop Sissy Fights: Common Responds To Drake On “Stay Schemin'” Remix

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01.09.12 90 Comments

Right now, Common’s gone from making movies, White House invites and cutting tracks with Maya Angelou…to trading barbs with Drake? With all due respect to Lonnie Lynn, the back and forth with Drake can’t possibly work out in his favor*.

Let’s say he finally decides to pen a verse full of ether and knocks Drake out the box. What will he gain? Serena’s honor by defending her in a duel of iron mics? Drake fans? Doubt it because their love for Drake stems from their love of his mood music and ability to create couplets they can quote for Facebook status updates, not because they view him as the greatest lyricist of all time. However, if Drake manages to crush dude, how will that impact Com’s legacy, part of which is predicated by him crafting what’s arguably one of rap’s finest diss records of all time (“The Bitch In Yoo”)? At the max, he notches up a W but not a hallmark victory because he “only defeated Wheelchair Jimmy.”

At the worst, Drake loses…nothing, but stands to gain a few stripes from staunch listeners who seem to forget anything released prior to his debut album. Even if he doesn’t pick up that modicum of respect, a few hard-hitting tracks back at Common would likely thwart off the next would-be contender or at least make them think twice.

When things first started, GRANDfathercloc drew the analogy to 2003’s exchanges between KRS and Nelly and that pretty much sums it up. Common’s respected, Drake’s currently well liked and the lyrical exchanges won’t cause a shift for their respective fans. At the end of the day, fans do get an entertaining battle that’s safe to say will be confined to mp3s alone and no violence. And we learn two things.

1. Serena is the new Carmen.

2. Com & Drake are making light-skinned dudes look bad by publicly squabbing over her.

Common – “Still Schemin’ (Remix)” (Drake Diss)


* – Respect due for naming names though, since most cats are too cowardly to do it today.

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