The Return Of No Limit Records Is Upon Us

08.17.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

Gas prices are dropping and Percy appears to have brought the tank back out for what the music industry dubs as a comeback. “Trending” features Gucci Mane and his flesh and blood Romeo and will supposedly be featured on Radric and Waka’s new movie Get Money. It makes sense. The No Limit General is famous for coordinating new music with new movies. P’s rhyming about Twitter in a roundabout sense which is sure to have all the OG ice cream men in hoods nationwide in a stupor once this crosses their ear drums. There’s even a series of Ross-isms throughout for good measure. It’s not “I’m Bout It,” but my hope is that P has at least two solid hood anthems left in him. Woop!

Master P Feat. Gucci Mane & Romeo – “Trending”

Before Jim Jones and Waka Flocka (on occasion) made rhyming off beat the “it” style, both had to pay homage to the OG who fathered said flow, Silkk The Shocker. After remaining dormant for the past few years, at least I think he was, Silkk is back and out to prove that even though the appearances have been kept to a minimum, the bank account is still alive and healthy. No shade, I’ve got respect for buddy and what he meant to the No Limit movement during my middle school days, but how this guy manages to avoid the beat is almost legendary. The song? Ehhh, put it this way. It makes the above track sound like a Ghetto D bonus cut.

Bonus: Even if he was not a mainstream commodity, Soulja Slim’s place in New Orleans Hip-Hop sits at the top of the pantheon. Nearly eight years following his murder, reports surfaced this past weekend that Slim’s alleged gunman, Garrelle Smith, was found dead after suffering gunshots to head and chest. Smith was tried in five murders, including Soulja’s, but was never found guilty in any trial. We’ll chalk this up as an example of the streets rendering their own verdict.

Respect: DGB

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