Scarface Feat. Mike Mike – “Hot Luv”

08.03.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

While it’s not “Scarface Free!,” new music from the Southern icon is better than no news at all. Fresh off Dirty Yella’s La Familia 5: Texas Gang Massacre mixtape, Mr. ‘Face and co-conspirator Mike Mike wax poetics about the only job willing to hire many young black males in society. That job being the drug game. Not a bad track at all and one which would be even more appealing if we knew a new project from Brad was on the way. Instead, it’s nothing more than an archive addition for an artist who knows when we’ll see again.

And not to repeat what Gotty already spoke on a month ago, there isn’t anyone in the game willing to bail ‘Face out? Like for real, not one person? If buddy was convicted of a violent crime and presented a threat to society, I’d understand. Where’s Ross at? ‘Face on MMG would probably piss off diehards, but such a move would be a good look for all parties involved.

Scarface Feat. Mike Mike – “Hot Luv”

Respect: DGB

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