T-Pain – “Default Picture”

12.05.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

As it turns out, T-Pain’s RevolveR finally hits shelves this week after several push backs and failed singles. On said album, Teddy Pain will feature the song “Default Picture,” clearly aimed at becoming the Twitter anthem of the next year while tapping into the “activities” the site undoubtedly brings. It’s quintessential Pain with a catchy hook, the usual drunkeness of auto tune and care free vibe which has gone on to define his hit records of the past. “Default…” likely won’t result in the next chart topper for the Nappy Boy, but it is worthwhile to add to the archives and let it play in the background next time you’re getting drunk. If you’re not careful, too, “Default Picture” could have you pulling a “Marvin’s Room” in no time.

This song presents as good a time as any to pass piece of vital information around though. Be wary of default pictures on Twitter, people. They’re not always what they seem. And choose who you DM wisely. The last thing you need is to end up like Young Dro.

T-Pain – “Default Picture”

Respect: Lowkey

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