100-Word Review: Nick Cannon’s ‘White People Party Music’

04.14.14 4 years ago 21 Comments

Nick Cannon White People Party Music Album Cover

Words by Amp Geez

With features and production from Pitbull, AfroJack, Future, and others, Nick Cannon has put together White People Party Music, an album that tries its hand at every trend on the charts. And interestingly, a couple songs aren’t that bad either.

Funny thing is, Nick wants us to believes songs like “Looking For A Dream” are satire; however, the execution is too earnest. Not only does the album run too long, but the “funny” songs aren’t funny. Nick Cannon makes The Lonely Island look like Jay-Z, Nas & Kanye formed a supergroup. Is it really a joke if no one is laughing?

And when that fails White People Party Music is what it is: a pile of sh*t.

Standout Songs: “Unbelievable,” “Pajama Pants”
Songs to Skip: “Phucking Awesome,” “OJ,” & every other song except the ones mentioned above

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