Not Making Music Has Made Dr. Dre Tired or Dr Dre Is Taking A Break From Not Making “Detox”

11.14.11 6 years ago 88 Comments

Dr. Dre has a lot of f*cking nerve.

I hate being lied to. And Dre has been lying for the last five or so years. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he was working on Detox for a good five years after 2001 was finished. But these last few years have been nothing short of wolf tickets. Can you name any other business or entity in the world that’s sworn and promised something to its fanbase, not delivered, and maintained that fanbase’s love? I understand Dre has given us classics, but swearing you’ll put out an album that you clearly are nowhere near done with then saying you’re “exhausted” and need a break, is just bullshit. Exactly what is Dre taking a break from? Making one Eminem beat a year?

I understand and respect Dr. Loki’s desire to spend more time with his family. Good for him. But don’t act like you’ve been tooling away at greatness for the last damn decade. Just admit that Detox is never coming out so we can all go about our business. While we’re in the process of taking breaks from stuff we’re not doing, I want to announce that I’m taking a break from peeing barbecue sauce and ear-banging Halle Berry.

[The Fader]

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