Notable Quotable – KiD CuDi’s “Solo Dolo (Nightmare)”

09.10.09 8 years ago 47 Comments

“My world, turns
Flippin’ the bird
To the ones who fig-ure
me out, Kast no not the duo
Back at Shaker Heights
When they knew
Though little brother was a strange one
Boo hoo
Cry me a river
Hater, look who
Traveled out an igloo
Cold cold world wasn’t fit for me at, all
Look at where I stand at
Tall, clutchin’ my Kid Cudi bizalls
Mute muthafucka’s back home
Quick pause
Gargle on my mayo
Look at me I bet I’m the one you think the fail
Floatin’ in my mind
No sail


KiD CuDi from “Solo Dolo (Nightmare)” off the album Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

Seeing that this is a previously leaked track and all, a late pass may be in order. Or it’s possible that CuDi’s style is so spaced out, it takes a couple light years to launch into orbit to land on the planet his brain resides. As unorthodox as it may be, it’s a great reference point to for those looking to fully grasp the method to his madness. Plus the before & after action is a nice touch.

Welcome to CuDi Island. Ahoy…

And speaking of previously leaked…

KiD CuDi – “Day ‘N’ Nite (Crooker’s Remix)” Video

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