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Yo yo. Pacman be slidn in dem pussyjacks when dat Firebox from da leeg office say shit be back on. Pacman say 4real? Firebox say 4real. Da shit be back on. 4 true.


Pacman down wid it. Pacman gon shine. Pacman gon clamp down on dat Hines Viet Cong like he Sholonda’s azz. Sholonda got dat onion booty. Pacman down wid it. Pacman gon take dat azz and an paint it gold wid dat luvnozz. COS DA SHIT BE BACK ON.

And Pacman gon drank. OH HE GON DRANK. BULLEEF DAT SHIT. Pacman stay at dat “Brighter Future” clinic for da whole damn month. Dat like, 90 dayz. Pacman not down wid it. Doctor man say Pacman need 2 say he’z got a problem. Pacman tell u da reel muthaphuckkin’ prizzay up in dis shiznit: AIN’T NO DRANK 4 DA PACMAN IN DIS BITCH.

And wen Pacman put on da Yung Jeezy and tell dem nurses to sho him da ‘donk, bitches ain’t say shit. KINDA PHUCKKIN’ NURSE DEY BE? Nuh nuh. Lil’ Pac need dat tung medizine. Dem laydeez ain’t REAL NURSES. AIN’T GOT NO LUV FO DA PAC!

So Pacman gon drank. He gon drank dat lean till he kizz da dance flo. Pacman say ain’t no drank drank till he put dat schlongbone up in dat nurse’s creempie. He gon drank all nite an den make it sprinkl. He gon GO GOLD. He gon let da dogz loose. He gon go bucwild. Owner strechy man say Pacman can fuk in da sky. OH PACMAN GON FUK IN DA SKY. HE GON FLY DEM U.S. AZZWAYS. DAT FO SHO.

Pacman reddy. Pacman got hiz Hen and Coke. Pacman got hiz drankin’ cup. Pacman got hiz fukkin’ pantz. Pacman gon go ababababababa on dat azz. He gon gobble up dem cherreez. He gon take hiz dickantula an go huntin’.

Shit be back on.

Fuk u.


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