One Day, This Infant Will Cheer The Crippling Of Tony Romo’s Unborn Child

10.30.11 6 years ago 333 Comments

Sad state of affairs when a game between a 3-3 team and a 2-4 dream team constitutes the best primetime matchup we’ve seen in three weeks, but such is life in the big pre-flex scheduling city. The Cowboys are coming off a big win in which DeMarco Murray set a single-game Cowboys rushing record, which doubtlessly suckered millions of fantasy owners into starting him for the inevitable 38-yard follow-up performance this week (Yay, I’m one of those suckers!).

Andy Reid is 12-0 in games following a bye week, which is understandable. A week of gorging himself silly is just enough to temporarily sate Reid, freeing him of the distracting hunger pains responsible for maddeningly inept clock management. So the Eagles will probably win, and thus the storyline once again becomes how anyone in the NFL can possibly derail this almost .500 Philly juggernaut.

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