One fan filed an FCC complaint against ESPN for showing gay people

05.12.14 3 years ago 64 Comments

Arizona State Sun Devils vs Missouri Tigers

And that fan is me folks.

Let me first start of by saying that I DON’T CARE if your Gay. You could be Gay, Straight, White, Yellow, Purple, a alien, a plankton, a sick cat, racist, a ice partical on saturns biggest moon, God himsef, or a turd in a toilet, it dosen’t matter at all to me. But I was so disturbed watching TV this weekend that I had to stand up for my constutional right to not be freaked out when other people are just to Gay.

I’m on record as saying that Im fine with a Gay NFL player so long as he dosen’t try to sneak up to me during a game and make out with me. Ive given a great deal of thought to this scenario and Im sorry if that makes me a old fashion fuddy duddy but I’d prefer to keep my mouth free for chanting “defense” – this is headsup football not tonsil hockey folks.

But ESPN was shoving all these Gay takes down our throat all weekend. How am I suppose to explain to my exgirlfriends new kids that two Gay people are on TV kissing because there very happy and in love and one of them just achienved a lifetime dream? Wheres MY parade?

Some people are bringing up the fact that Tim Tebow wasnt allowed to play football because he was straight, and while thats very true, its also very innacurate much like Tebow himself. Tebow was kicked out of the NFL and fined because he was a CHRISTIAN, not because he was straight. Being straight if youre not a Christian is the same as being Gay in the eyes of the Lord so we’ve technically had many many Gay players before which leads me to ask WHY IS THIS NEWS? Why werent there cameras in every single 7th round picks living room? They should be given the exact same attenton as Mike Sam and the fact that I’m writing this column is 100% proof that I honestly believe that.

Another thing that Sam and Tebow have in common is that if they both tried to make a pass at another NFL player it would not be recieved well.

But any ways here the formal complaint I filed with the FCC over ESPN showing all sorts of uncomfortbale stuff all weekend:

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 9.48.44 AM

[click here for full size]

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