Patriots Announcer Comes Down With Legendary Case of Word Salad

10.13.13 4 years ago 23 Comments

Pictured above is Scott Zolak. A former NFL quarterback, including six seasons spent as Drew Bledsoe’s back up in New England, Zolak is now working as the color guy for the Patriots Radio Network.

Tonight, on the air, Zolak lost his mind.

Per Zolak:

Brady’s back! That’s your quarterback! Who left the building?!?! Unicorns! Show ponies! Where’s the beef?!?!

Now, it’s possible Zolak was just so overcome with joy that he temporarily lost control of his emotions.

I’m just saying that it’s also possible some kind of next-level Scientology has swept through Patriot Way, and everyone must now worship at the altar of Lord Belichick donned in cloaks made from the hides of mythical creatures.

I rest my case.

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