Playboy Tre – “Patron & Instrumentals” Video

02.08.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

It only takes a whiff of alcohol for Treboy to get to zoning on his pen and pad and when tequila’s on the menu, he’s bound to offer up a piece of his soul. Life might throw its fair share of curveballs but if you’re accustomed to playing the game, it shouldn’t be hard for you to read the pitch and belt one out of the park. That’s exactly where the Georgia’s “durtiest” MC has positioned himself in the current inning of his life. A husband. A father. A respectable musician trying to balance it all and extract all the sexy parts and leave the stress behind.

It’s no coincidence Tre named the first single to his new project after the Mexican spirit that goes down smoother than a waterful. The lush melody serves as an outlier as the lyrics take center stage. It’s like a proud father rushing to Pride Rock to boast about his offspring to the rest of the world. And even without liquor, Tre can speak his mind. While watching the Patroits crumble to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, he had to call out a thirsty fan who kept blocking his view. Just look @ this s#%t!

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