Playing With Jay Cutler Is Apparently Worth Your Balls

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Wide receiver David Terrell was selected by the Bears with the eighth overall pick of the 2001 Draft. He finished his career in 2005 with a total of 128 receptions for 1,602 yards and nine touchdowns. That’s a decent season for Calvin Johnson but not terribly impressive for a five-year career.

Naturally, such paltry output has lead many to call Terrell as a bust, a label he bristles at. In his defense, this is the list of quarterbacks Terrell played with on the Bears: Jim Miller, Shane Matthews, Henry Burris, Chris Chandler (at age 37), Kordell Stewart, Rex Grossman, Chad Hutchinson, Craig Krenzel and Jonathan Quinn. A fine representation of the history of underwhelming Chicago quarterback play.

Would things have turned out differently if Terrell got to play with a true franchise quarterback? Hard to say, but it’s a possibility. We’ll never know. But we do know what Terrell would have given up to make that happen: his balls.

RedEye: Would you say you didn’t really have a chance playing with so many different quarterbacks?

Terrell: What I’ll say is this, to be able to play with a guy like Jay Cutler is one thing. Jay Cutler is without a doubt a top 10 quarterback in the league. No doubt about that. His knowledge of the game, his pocket presence makes him that. I never witnessed that in the NFL. I could have with Rex, but I had limited time with Rex. I only had four games with Rex, you know what I’m saying? Great quarterbacks know what’s going on before the play. My last year here was just in disarray ‘cuz the quarterbacks didn’t even know the play calls. So it takes out some camaraderie, yeah. You look at Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall, they have camaraderie cuz they were in Denver together. The shit that Jay and Brandon have going on, that shit is unstoppable. They can look at each other one time and know what’s going on. … It’s like eye contact shit. They be like, “yup, yup”–and Boom! Fade route. I didn’t have that anywhere but at Michigan with Tom Brady and with that quarterback Drew Henson or Hanson, or whatever. [Editor’s note: It’s Henson.]

RedEye: What would you have given to play with a quarterback like a Jay Cutler?

Terrell: (Laughs, for a long time) I would have cut off both my balls. I’d give those up, no problem. You could have neutered me. I woulda been neutered with a smile. Shit, man, for real.

Well then.

Gotta say, I think he’s undervaluing his balls here. Those things don’t grow back, you know? If we’re talking testicle snips, I’m holding out at least for a Drew Brees.

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