Question Of The Day: At What Point Is A Drink Too “Girly”?

03.02.12 6 years ago 49 Comments

Every Friday around 5pm the TSS e-office gets bombarded with emails from Tinsley about his ensuing late-night debauchery. After he’s spent three hours making sure his fitted matches his throwback and matches his DaDa’s, Tins is gone for the night to enjoy…$3 Long Island Iced Tea specials.

We spend a lot of time making fun of him for his drink choice, but is the slander founded? Seeking outside opinions, we took it to the tweets.

Is it okay for a grown man to drink a Long Island or should Tins get some hair on his chest and stick to whiskey, rum or bourbon? And for the ladies (okay, lady) reading the site, do you give a man a side-eye if he drinks Long Islands?

Do you drink LITs? And at what point do you draw the line for a drink being too “girly”?

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