Radiohead Releases Caribou & Jacques Greene Remixes

07.06.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Thom Yorke–that wonderfully melancholy, genre-bending Brit–has a few preferred methods of communication with the outside world when not in the middle of a major LP release. He’ll either A.) whimsically show up to do a DJ set somewhere around the globe or B.) approve a DJ to remix his band’s sacrosanct product. Since a Yorke DJ sighting is on par with spotting Haley’s Comet, ol’ Tommy’s helped to gift everyone two new remixes: Caribou’s “Little By Little” and Jacque Greene’s “Lotus Flower.”

The two tracks, which are now available on 12″ vinyl, each contain the jittery electro-pulse that underscored Radiohead’s latest release, The King of Limbs. Especially in the case of Greene’s “Lotus Flower,” the tranquility of the original has been replaced by an uptempo kick and dance-ready beat that should keep plenty of hipsters dancing in their finest ratty Chucks. However, don’t let that visual dissuade you from pressing play. The two rehashes offer plenty for anyone who’s a fan of the group.

You can snag the vinyl over at Radiohead’s website. If a vinyl player isn’t at hand, .wav and .mp3 versions are also available.

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