Rams Running Back Has An Off-Season Job at Jimmy John’s

02.22.13 5 years ago 23 Comments

Running back Terrance Ganaway only appeared in three games in his rookie season for the Rams, getting no carries. With Steven Jackson possibly leaving the team this off-season, things could open up next season for Ganaway and the rest of the backfield. Will he prepared for an advanced workload? If a critical part of being a running back is knowing how to make subs, then yes, absolutely he will. At least that’s the case in an Andy Reid offense. I don’t know about Jeff Fisher.

That’s because Ganaway took out a second job as a part-time sandwich maker at Jimmy John’s for the off-season.

“I’m in the heat of the battle,” Ganaway said. “Trying to make sandwiches fast is Jimmy John’s policy, so it’s kind of stressful.”

“I just wanted to stay fit, stay out of trouble, and really just try to save money and not spend a lot of money,” he said. “So I just jokingly tweeted that I needed a job in Waco. Was anyone hiring?

Well, a Jimmy John’s employee tweeted back: “We’re hiring.”

Ganaway looked into it, applied for a job and got hired. For the last several weeks, he has been working part-time — 12 hours a week — from 5-9 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Ganaway doesn’t have any children, but he jokes that when he does, he’ll tell them he once worked two jobs to get them through school.

This might be a bit of a stunt, but Ganaway is still going to be hailed by old sportswriters as the paragon of anti-glory boyism. “He works tedious jobs just like us! This country needs more Ganaways and fewer Titus Youngs!”

Working at Jimmy John’s might seem like a task wholly unrelated to developing necessary football skills, but the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter writing this story tried his hardest to frame cutesy football-related questions for how Ganaway does his second job.

Not unlike an NFL rookie, Ganaway has struggled to learn his sandwich-making playbook.

“Got to learn everything on the menu,” he said. “It’s something that I’m learning every day. You’ve got to know your sandwich.”

And with many customers, there are audibles to contend with.

“I’ve been getting a lot of audibles on sandwiches,” he said. “So on an Italian Nightclub — no onions — I’ve got to make sure there’s no onions on there.”

Ganaway made the NFL’s minimum wage this past season with the Rams — $390,000. He’s not sure what he’s making at Jimmy John’s.

“I’m probably guessing minimum wage — $7.25 to $7.50 (an hour),” he said.

If I were Ganaway, I’d be like, “Well, at least here I can’t be cut at a moment’s notice without cause, so it’s got a leg up on football in that regard.” But then again, I’m a jerk.

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