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04.07.10 8 years ago 11 Comments


Report: Smart Women Are Bigger Drinkers [Asylum]

Star Wars Google Ad [College Humor]

Stainless Steel Condom Dispenser [Uncrate]

Find The Right Pocket-Size Camcorder [Details]

Eight Sporting Events That Should Be Holidays [Yardbarker]

@ss To Mouth And Adrien Brody [Film Drunk]

The Rules of Scrabble, They Are A-Changin’ [Technologizer]

Lil’ Flip Says He’s Appeared On Close To 1200 Albums [The 9 Elements]

Buying 30 Mins. Of Primetime: Modern Family Becomes iPad Ad [Arts Technica]

Is Swizz Beatz Caught Up In Some Maury Show Sh_t? [Crunk & Disorderly]

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