Respect The Tech: Gadgets We Love This Week #8

10.18.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

Gadgets Of The Week

It’s October. And some of you already have your eyes on your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa presents. With all the new tech that comes out around the holidays, keep your eyes on our Respect The Tech series. Some of these gadgets we love might suit your list and we’re making it easy to send a link to your loved ones with the message attached “Buy me this!”

Let us know what you think and, if you have tips or ideas, email us.

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bluelounge - rolio

1. Bluelounge Rolio iPhone dock

If you mess with iOS devices you know there are about a million docks out there. But, there’s always those few that bring something different to the table. The $10 Rolio wall dock by Bluelounge is to be flexible, portable and convenient. The cool design is just a plus.

Buy: Bluelounge

sonos play1

2. Sonos Play:1

We love hi-fi sound at TSS. These speakers fit right into that class with a Class D amp, a tweeter, and a 3.5” sub. You can control the speaker volume and orientation via your PC, Mac, smartphone via wifi. They are made portable and durable, with expansion capabilities to make a surround experience.

Buy: Sonos


3. adidas miCoach SMART RUN Watch

adidas dips into the smartwatch market, but with a sporty edge. Touch screen with GPS, mapping options, heart rate tracking, and even the ability to play music while you do your workout routine. Expect it to appear for sale in November.

Info: Adidas


4. Parrot® AR.Drone® Quadricopter

Video games like Future Solider and MW3 entertained our minds with the quadracopters. But there are now a reality. Well, sort of. Sans the machine guns and lasers, Parrot sells this amazing wifi controlled copter. It includes a 720p HD camera, custom propellers, 165 foot range, but a limited battery.

Buy: Brookstone

firebox jukebox dock bluetooth

5. Firebox Jukebox Dock

This nifty dock gives you that 1950s look while bumping your 2013 tunes. It’s compatible with any bluetooth capable device. So it can sync with your PC and Mac, and play as a legit jukebox. Customizable LEDs around the frame and decent sound, definitely a cool party piece.

Buy: Firebox

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