Richard Sherman Busting Skip Bayless Is ESPN Theater

03.07.13 5 years ago 33 Comments

I try to ignore Skip Bayless stuff as best I can. I already have to focus overmuch on Peter King. There’s only so much overt media trolling one can consume before being forced to stab their eyeballs, ear drums and frontal lobe. Bayless is also fairly easy to ignore if you really want to. He’s white noise, hardly central to what’s going on in the league. But enough people (actually, a lot of people) hate-watch Skip Bayless that there’s great demand for him to be brought low.

And that’s ostensibly what happens to him on First Take today. Richard Sherman big-times and insults him with great rancor. Yet it’s still not as enjoyable as it should be. Possibly it’s because Richard Sherman is also a dick. The whole incident also comes off as kind of calculated. For one thing, this outburst will further help build the RICHARD SHERMAN: TRASH TALKER persona that the Seahawks cornerback is always eager to cultivate.

Moreover, Bayless doesn’t give a sh*t that someone is spitting invective at him. He’s a media entity whose purpose it is to find stances that will provoke the most outrage and espouse them as if he truly cares. He doesn’t care. It’s not even the first time an athlete has insulted him, either. Terrell Suggs has called Bayless a douchebag on multiple occasions. The only concern for Bayless is bringing more attention and headlines to the show.

So to write about this just feels like accommodating two parties looking for attention. In this case, it worked quite well.

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