Richard Sherman Could Trash Talk Your Fantasy Football Opponent For Charity

04.04.13 4 years ago 30 Comments

The Seahawks announced this week that the team is holding an online auction to benefit “Ben’s Fund”, a charity set up by the Seahawks’ general manager to provide support to families raising a child with autism. Between now and April 18, fans can bid on a slew of signed memorabilia and “experiences”, the most enticing of which is having Richard Sherman trash talk one of your fantasy opponents during the upcoming season. While that sounds potentially awkward, bear in mind that Richard Sherman takes his shit talk way serious. The verbal attack on your opponent is likely to be belligerent, unstinting and shockingly personal. Eventually, you’ll be reduced to pleading, “NO, NO, THIS IS TOO MUCH! IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO GO THIS FAR!” Sounds like something “The League” will do eventually.

Oh, and what’s this? There seems to be one more item left on the docket:

Pre-fantasy football draft chat via phone with Sport’s Illustrated and NBC Sports Network Peter King

Jesus, Seahawks, why are you trying to punish people for being charitable?

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