5 Essential Things To Know About Sage The Gemini

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The latest need-to-know rapper is Sage The Gemini. He’s 22, super smooth and got game as both an emcee and producer. Plus, he’s unavoidable online and his steady stream of radio-ready jams leave the youngsters doing the darnedest things. Before the fast-moving Sage parade knocks you over without warning, catch up on these key pointers about Cali’s latest rising star.

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Certified Status

By now, we’ve all busted a move or two over “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose.” Both of Sage’s low-key bangers from his Gas Pedal EP have been mainstays online and off for months now, gaining buzz from a combination of organic love and strategic business maneuvers which helped take them to Platinum and Gold, respectively. Together, the two songs have over 21 million plays on Spotify.


HBK Gang Style

Sage didn’t come out of nowhere. Actually, this smooth talking emcee proudly reps his Heartbreak Gang, the Bay Area clique who first emerged as a result of his homie IamSu!’s uphill climb to expose their easygoing assertiveness to mainstream rap (just check “Function” and “Up“). With other group members like P-Lo–who’s killing the Bay radio waves with his “Going To Work” single–and Skipper bubbling on their own, the whole crew is looking like a force to be reckoned with.

Internet Famous

The HBK emcee has now become somewhat of a social media superstar on Vine, YouTube and Worldstar, garnering tangible fame from fans’ homemade interpretations and twerk videos. More specifically, his word of mouth fanbase established themselves and set the precedent for how quickly the masses can move a rapper into regular rotation. His quick rise led to him being tapped as a 2014 Muve Music Artist To Watch.

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Label Love

Sage is a great example of how rappers should use major labels. After seeing buzz from “Gas Pedal” as early as 2012, the Fairfield, Calif., rapper signed with Empire Recordings and released his Gas Pedal EP. That logistics assistance got the five-track project to the masses, which was the tipping point that caused the title track to go viral on Vine. To capitalize, Sage, his team and Empire signed a joint venture with Republic Records, who almost immediately helped take the single to platinum status.


Debut Project On The Way

With all the pieces perfectly aligned, Sage the hit-maker looks to capitalize by releasing his debut album, Remember Me, on March 23. The project properly features his two big singles, plus the latest one with August Alsina, “Down On Your Luck.” Considering Sage’s hoards of social fans haven’t had much to pay for, it will be interesting to see if millions of online views can translate into equivalent pre-orders and Tuesday numbers.

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