Saints stuck overnight in Seattle after plane breaks down because of course

12.03.13 4 years ago 19 Comments


Apparently getting absolutely waxed and shellacked on national television wasn’t enough insult for the New Orleans Saints. Now they’re stuck in dreary, cold Seattle, site of two of their most embarrassing losses of the Payton/Brees era, for a little longer thanks to plane issues that are keeping the team grounded. Rubbing salt in the wound was a reported difficulty in finding lodging for the unplanned night stuck in town. It’s the perfectly craptastic ending to a horrible game that, oh hey, is the beginning of a short week leading to Sunday night’s game against the Panthers. Haplessly stuck in an airport with nowhere to sleep? NFL players are just like us!

Still no details where the team ended up staying or what time they’ll finally return home from the Pacific Northwest but here’s guessing they probably managed to find somewhere to rest their weary and bruised bodies. Or maybe Payton and Brees spooned in a corner of the Delta terminal at SeaTac. That’s the way I’ll imagine it now, thanks. Hashtag bromance.

This is all somehow Malcolm Jenkins’ fault.

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