Scarface Still In Jail, Still Owes Over $100K In Child Support

07.05.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

Scarface is still in jail, if anyone even knew he was locked up in the first place. I remember linking to the first report I saw in February and Tins addressed it as well. But Brad Jordan’s been incarcerated since October 2010 so even we were late in posting. Fast forward to today. It’s July 5th, yesterday was Independence Day no less and nobody’s made moves to help get one of the game’s legends out?

According to XXL’s latest update, bonds have been set — one for $93,376, a second one for $50,000, another for $30,000 and the last at $500. Not to downplay the circumstances because child support it obviously a heavy situation. Still, even Max B. gets a run through the rumor mill and there’s minimal mentions of Brad? No record label support or rappers who shout him out as an influence? ‘Face could probably do more to work on his case outside jail and at least get paying work, like features and shows, to help chop down the debt. Where’s Suge Knight to do a good deed when you need him?

Anyways, as timing would have it, DJ Guilletine just released his weekly mix for and it pays tribute to the legendary Houston rapper, former Geto Boy and current forgotten inmate. Tracklisting, stream and download link below.

01. Scarface – We Need You (ft. Wacko Of UTP)
02. Scarface – I Ain’t The One
03. Scarface – High Powered (ft. Papa Rue)
04. Scarface – Forgot About Me (ft. Lil’ Wayne & Bun B)
05. Scarface – Dollar
06. Scarface – Make Your Peace
07. Scarface – Mary Jane
08. Scarface – Mary II
09. Scarface – It’s Not Game
10. Scarface – Hand of Dead The Body
11. Scarface – High Note
12. Scarface – Guess Who’s Back (ft. Jay-Z)
13. Scarface – Girl You Know
14. Scarface – Someday (ft. Faith Evans)
15. Scarface – Only Your Mother
16. Scarface – Game Over (ft. Ice Cube, DR. Dre & Too $hort)
17. Scarface – Sellout
18. Scarface – Fuckin’ with Face
19. Scarface – Who Are They (ft. K-Rino & Slim Thug)
20. Scarface – On My Block
21. Scarface – Smartz
22. Scarface – For Real
23. Gangstarr – Betrayal (ft. Scarface)
24. Scarface – Smile
25. Jay-Z – This Cant Be Life (ft. Beanie Sigel & Scarface)
26. Scarface – Street Life
27. Ice Cube – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (ft. Scarface & Nas)
28. Scarface – Mr. Scarface
29. Scarface – Your Ass Got Took


DownloadDJ Guilletine – The Scarface Podcast (7.5.11)

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