Sean Taylor Memorial Meast Of The Week – Week 12

12.03.09 8 years ago 280 Comments

Your Meast of the Week this week is Drew Brees, who destroyed the Patriots with five TD passes. You embarrass Bill Belichick, you’re a friend of ours.

We’re professional haters at this site. It’s what we do best. But I can’t think of a single reason to hate on Drew Brees. Drew Brees is fucking awesome. He never sulks. He never points fingers. He’s not in every other commercial. And it’s fun to watch him play football. I dare you to hate this man. He should be made an honorary Canadian or Australian, he’s so amiable. He’s the anti-Cutler. In fact, I do believe there’s a meme here.

Drew Brees will pick up the check. No worries, man.

Drew Brees isn’t mad that you crashed the car. Insurance will take care of everything. He just hopes you’re okay.

Drew Brees has heard that birthmark joke 4,567 times before. But he still laughed at it anyway.

Drew Brees uses Lincolns at the titty bar.

Drew Brees is renting a speedboat this weekend. Wanna head out onto the lake with some beers?

Drew Brees dated your sister, and that was all right with you.

Drew Brees cleaned up the bathroom after you booted in it, and didn’t ever bring it up again.

Drew Brees helped you move.

Drew Brees thinks that song you wrote actually had some potential.

As for your Least of the week…


This may be the last time we get to give Pickin n Grinnin the Least award. Savor the flavor, Cajun boy.

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