Should The Heat Trade Dwyane Wade For Dwight Howard?

01.25.12 6 years ago 35 Comments

Ever since Bron donned his lumberjack shirt and declared on national television that he’d be heading to Miami, analysts wondered if he and D Wade would be able to share the basketball and play together. At times on the court, they’ve looked uncomfortable and unsure about how to coexist. We all know how the Heat – namely LeBron – choked away the Finals last year, but this year has been rocky as well. The duo was unable to eek out close wins and lost a few tough games.

That was until Dwayne went down with a bad ankle. The Heat have looked like a well-oiled machine since Wade went out. LeBron controls the ball and there isn’t any confusion. While Wade’s been out, LeBron’s had monster games and they’ve blown out the Spurs and the Lakers at home. So the speculation has intensified: are the Heat better off without Dwyane Wade?

While that debate is interesting on its own, how about adding another layer to it? If you were Miami, would you trade Dwyane Wade for Dwight Howard? Wade is a little older and Orlando is stacked in the back court, so a third team may have to get involved and Miami would have to add a player or two, but they could probably make a compelling offer. But should they?

LeBron would be able to control the ball uninterrupted and be supported by the best front court in the NBA since Duncan and Robinson. However, I’m not sure how well he’d get along with Howard, who’s been sending shots at LeBron for years now. And Bron has some sort of borderline Mobley/Francis brotherhood with Wade that would make him want to keep his BFF in South Beach. But putting all of that aside, is this a better basketball move for Miami?

I’m honestly not sure what the answer is, so I’ll let you crazy kids talk amongst yourselves. Should Miami try to trade Dwyane Wade for Dwight Howard? Sound off.

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