Smush Parker, Kobe Bryant Still Going At It

10.13.12 5 years ago 20 Comments

Well that didn’t take long.

For those keeping score, Kobe Bryant recently restated his disdain for Smush Parker. We laughed at Parker’s expense and a few got back on that old whine wagon about Kobe not getting the ’05-’06 MVP award. Now Smush is back from the depths of overseas ball to defend his good, odd name.

Larry Brown Sports let out the recap of Parker’s interview with Hard 2 Guard. I’ll chop it down even further so you can get back to catching up with Glee on Hulu.

Smush is yet another former teammate confirming Kobe’s dickhead demeanor. His claims are mere allegations but it’s not farfetched seeing Kobe being friendly with only his body guards, not sitting with the team during a playoff series dinner and telling Parker to get more accolades before he could talk to him. He doesn’t have to be friends with his coworkers but damn, even his teammates couldn’t sit at his lunch table. Parker then admitted to shutting out Kobe on offense. Refusing to defer to Kobester, on top of pulling in Doug West-like stat lines, is a surefire way to seal one’s exit out of L.A.

Parker tried to play the top three player on the team defense but, no matter how numbers worked, people referred and continue to refer to him as a scrub. Kobe practically has free reign to be a jerk because he’s one of the best at his position. The same goes for the many past and present greats who also happen to be assholes. So, in closing, there’s no way Smush can come out of this looking better than before he packed his bags for China.

After hearing of Smush’s rebuttal, what did Kobe have to say? Bryant sarcastically told reporters he “was devastated” while trying to hold back his giggles because, of course, he’s still Kobe Bryant and he’s in the NBA. And Smush? Well, Smush is balling off in some foreign land, which doesn’t sound as glamorous as it does in rap songs.

Cred: LBSports, LATimes

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