S.T.A.N – “#HowLong”

08.23.13 4 years ago


Late last night, S.T.A.N set free the cut “#HowLong” for around an hour, then pulled it back. After a small outcry by his Twitter followers (yours truly included), he decided to put it back up on SoundCloud. The world’s now a better place.

According to S.T.A.N, the song’s “something random,” recorded because he “felt like venting.” But, that’s also part of the beauty of it. Tough questions and strong statements are what hold the whole lecture together. He picks a topic, starts with it but doesn’t hesitate to drift away from it, or follow wherever the spirit leads him rather. Next verse, S.T.A.N does the same routine all over again. The result ends up being a piece of brilliance with rough edges that also prove that it wasn’t contrived.

Also, I’ll give an extra rap dap to anyone who can point out the 1988 song that utilized the Min. Farrakhan audio sample.

Photo: Kelly Hite/Break On A Cloud

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