Starlito – “The Ides Of March”

03.17.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

“All I ever wanted was a Chevy with that pine…”

This guy Lito has two projects on the way – Cold Turkey and Step Brothers 2 – and here I am secretly wishing he’d hurry up and drop them. To help calm idiots like myself down until then, Lito drops the Lil Keis-produced “The Ides Of March.” You already know what it is by now. Or at least you should.

The flow is smooth, the picture is vivid and the only thing left to prove is convincing you he’s one of the rawest rappers currently giving away music. And that acapella freestyle he pulls off towards the end? Buddy’s just fooling around and can cut it on and decimate a track whenever he sees fit.

The only detriment is the fact the track is only 2:52. See, there I go complaining again.

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