100-Word Review: Stat Quo’s ‘ATLA: All This Life Allows, Vol. 1’

04.04.14 3 years ago 5 Comments

Stat Quo ATLA: All This Life Allows, Vol. 1 Artwork
Words by Amp Geez

At a lean 12 tracks, Stat Quo’s second indie album, ATLA: All This Life Allows, Vol. 1, leaves little room for filler and nearly every track hits its mark. The production is alternately glossy and brooding, as is the album’s content–introspective tales of passion and perseverance. Concept records like “Outkast Relax” and “Michael” pay homage, while songs like “Guilty” show the dark side to the vice life. Even when Stat livens up (“My N*ggas”) there’s always a sense of purpose that makes every verse, and ATLA in turn, engaging.

Standout Songs: “The Way It Be,” “Michael,” “Living To Get High”

Songs to Skip: “Trillion”

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