Steve Smith Wins Money By Not Fighting

08.12.14 3 years ago 23 Comments



Everyone knows Steve Smith is the fightinest player around and doesn’t require much provocation to start the next one. Some fans profess not to like fights but eventually a player fights so much that it just becomes an endearing character trait. In fact, one of the most memorable quotes of the 2013 season (“Ice Up, Son!”) was born from one of his scraps.

So if you were one of his teammates, you might feel comfortable putting up a bet that Smith would get into at least one fight over the span of a three-day joint practice with the 49ers.

Yet Smith did not. Gotta save the fights for when they count. That’s good fight discipline!

By avoiding any fights, the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver said he profited financially from his teammates.

“I think I won the office pool because they had over-unders on my fights,” Smith said with a laugh. “I had zero, so I get all the cash.”

It’s not clear how much money changed hands, but I’m confident it’s way more money than I’ve ever earned for not fighting people. I’ve been doing that for free like a sucker.


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