Stop Everything And Look At These Eagles Fans

05.24.12 5 years ago 29 Comments

The Vegas over/under estimates for NFL win totals have been released. If we were better about being pretend football experts, we’d be in line with everyone else comparing how each team stacks up with its predicted total. ONLY 7.5 WINS FOR THE BENGALS? THAT’S DISRESPECT!

But then I saw someone link this photo on Twitter and all became secondary. I mean, look at the perfect distillation of late ’80s/early ’90s style. It’s like a white trash time capsule exploded in my face. The matching perm and Freddie Mercury mustache combo. The Starter jackets. The outrageous sunglasses. THE TWINSSSS!

Part of me would like to know where they are now, but I have my suspicions there’s probably a lot of lingering paternity drama over who exactly is responsible for the kid that resulted from tag teaming a Hooters waitress in a bathroom following the Bounty Bowl. Better off not know, I suppose. It’s best to keep them at the height of their powers.

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