Suge Knight Beat Up The Weed Man Because He Supposedly Couldn’t Buy Weed

02.12.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

Suge Knight is a man who sure has a propensity for having his wrongdoings recorded. As we remember, he, Tupac and other Death Row weed carriers were infamously seen stomping out Orlando Anderson in Las Vegas only minutes before Shakur took a plethora of bullets to the chest.

Nearly 18 years and numerous arrests later, the former most feared man in music was caught on camera smacking around a marijuana dispensary employee in Los Angeles due to not allegedly having the proper ID, per TMZ’s report.

Way to go, Suge, and thanks a lot. This doesn’t help the pro-Mary fight in the least bit. Roughing up people like it’s a 1995 Death Row executive board meeting is not in the by laws of the mission. Weed smokers are supposed to be chill, non-violent people, remember?


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