SXSW: Assessing The Aftermath

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03.21.10 34 Comments

Of course there will be an unabridged recap full of storytelling, details and all the extras. But since we’ve been sporadic with the updates, I figure there’s a chance that many may be interested in what the heck we’ve been doing the past few days as well as thoughts going forward. If can’t wait for our take, check out Weiss’ “Bootlegging and Blog-Rap at the Nah Right and Smoking Section Showcase” writeup for the L.A. Times.

These are my ramblings.

— I’m going to go into intense physical training before SXSW 2011. Believe that. There’s no other way a body can withstand the insane amounts of walking, standing and complete sleep deprivation required.

I’m a man of my word so I told several people I’d catch their showcases and performances. Last night alone, I approximate that I covered three miles, zigzagging to four separate venues in a four hour span. And please realize that’s just the evening half of things and doesn’t count the afternoon rounds of performances and the associated alking. By night’s end, I was exhausted. I had no voice from attempting to have conversations over mammoth sound systems, my legs were numb and my eyes burned as if they had been repeatedly doused with chlorine. With another year under my belt, I now realize that this festival requires throat lozenges, energy drinks and packing your picnic basket.

Freddie G., Bun B, Chuck Inglish & Chip @ the The Cool Kids video shoot

— Respect to each and every artist, journalists, manager and, specifically, site supporter who I had a chance to meet. Shouts to Teef for joining right into the ranks with the Crew. Sorry, I stole your bottled beverage. I’m sure Fadia’s wondering why she has it in her purse.

— To the lady my flight on the way down to Austin, I’m sorry I used your shoulder as a headrest.

— Respect to Aaron & Jill @ Knuckle Rumbler for putting another GOP party in the books and doing it in 100% professional, flawless fashion. When people ask, I say jokingly that “all you have to do is leave it to white people to do that planning.” In all earnest, what these two do goes beyond words. No headaches or worries, all things move seamlessly. And I love them both and thank them for opening up a world of experiences and opportunities not just to us but Hip-Hop as a whole. With the emergence of GOP now two years running, there’s a grassroots presence and numerous spots for our artists to perform. So anybody thanking myself or eskay should also reach out and thank these two.

— Food in general seems hard to come by for a novice SX’er like myself. Sure, you could leave the downtown area and go eat…but you also run the risk of fighting traffic to get back as well finding parking. Not as easy as it seems. What I ended up eating all weekend was overpriced pizza slices & Philly cheesesteaks complete with nacho cheese. Breakfast tacos are tasty but slightly overrated.

Before all is said and done, we’ll be back with a full recap. By myself, I have approximately 16 GBs of assorted pictures and video, which will probably take a while to sort through (I think I lost a SD card in the shuffle smh). That’s just my totals. There’s no telling what other footage, words and ruminations there are from the rest of the team. I want to wrap things up with a liner notes, a few thank you’s and thoughts.

Burn One & two Smurfettes

DJ Burn One — Cool as a fan. Nah, igloo status. All fuckshit aside, he’s one of those guys that has visions that could help keep our music on the right track. Unassuming, funny and geniune, I’ll continue my support of the man and his music. And yes, “he’s white” (in actuality, I believe he mentioned he was of Mexican descent).

Ayah — In all sincerity, I’d like to say that it was nice to meet , who argued with me in our first in-person exchange LOL (it was my fault). We both ate a nice bite of crow pie when we found out who the other was, then hugged it out. Now, I realize that she’s a Problem Woman indeed and I love it because she’s tough & tender @ the same time.

Jasmine rocks

Jasmine Solano — Everybody’s big brother and connector Kareem introduced Jasmine to me in Atlanta & I’ve kept an eye on her ever since, which is obviously easy since she’s a peach with the cutest baby dimples. Musically, she threw a direct jolt into Wiz Khalifa’s set with choice songs and an energy level that compelled the crowd to move something.

House Shoes — On everything, Shoes is one of the people I admire in this rap shit. There are those who claim to do it there way and then there’s Shoes. After chopping it up hard with him over the past few months, I hereby certify that he’s a stand up guy who I’m glad to have finally met. I’ve listened to LC ruminate about their relationship for years and years, so I’ve always felt like I knew him to a degree, always sounding like she would kindly take a knife to the gut if it meant protecting Shoes. In a way, I share those thoughts now and found the reason why. Because when around the guy, you feel the authenticity and know he’ll probably take the knife first if it meant protecting you.

Kei @ Governed By Loyalty — She’s managing a dope tandem in Grip & Siya. She’s a hoot, even though she thought I was Contra™ lmao. It’s okay, I couldn’t remember her either but I will from now on.

The dopest Undrcrwn shirt ever produced

Franz @ Duck Down — First, thank you for supporting the GOP showcase. Then when I walked up to the Duck Down showcase, the lady @ the door was giving two guys the business as they tried to give her we’re on the list business. I was super late, the crowd was slammed and, seeing the guys before, I figured I was about to experience the definition of fuck shit © Alley Boy. Instead, all I said “hey I’m Gotty™.” With a warm smile, she enthusiastically replied “yes, you are” then whisked me through (woot woot!). Peace to Franz!

As I always say, I’m an old and grizzled fan so that helps me to maintain a little objectivity and rarely be awestruck. But seeing Duck Down’s core troops — Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun and Sean Price — perform @ the Duck Down showcase, celebrating 15 years in the game and Dru Ha’s birthday as well…it was all I could do to remember to be document for TSS because my mind kept drifting when songs came on and I drifted away to times when I was young and those same songs were my daily theme music through the headphones of my Walkman. That music sustained me, gave me inspiration and ultimately brought all of here.

After I stepped out of the Duck Down show @ 2am, I had to walk a mile (literally and again with the walking) to get to the next venue, I had more than enough time to recollect and assess much of what I’d witnessed over a 48 hour span. I’m thankful for the opportunities that TSS has afforded me.

Like I said, more to come but there’s no better way to end than with this clip of Wiz performing “This Plane,” which infected everybody (watch the camera & lighting guys opposite the camera) as soon as the bassline hit.

See you next year Austin.


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