Spielberg’s Terra Nova Fired Its ENTIRE Writing Staff?

11.05.10 7 years ago

Why, yes, that is an attractive woman cosplaying Terra from the “Teen Titans”. Look, there’s nothing on “Terra Nova” yet except Spielberg in front of a tree, so I’ve got to make do with bad puns. Besides, you’d rather look at who, again?

The reason that there’s nothing from “Terra Nova” is actually the reason most of the writing staff got fired yesterday; with the series premiere pushed back a year and the Comic Con presentation cancelled, there’s really no need to have a bunch of writers hanging around the Fox lot, doing whatever it is that television writers do. Coke and hookers, right? Oh, please, Hollywood, tell us that television writers get lots of coke and hookers!

The firing is purely temporary; Fox spent a lot on these guys, and they’ll be brought back if they haven’t already been snapped up by other competing productions, like “Two and a Half Men”. We’re sure “Terra Nova” is fine, aside from the fact that it’s on Fox and, if it’s any good, will get canceled in the first couple of episodes.

[ via Blastr ]

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