Texans-Chargers MNF Live Blog, Second Half

09.10.13 4 years ago 751 Comments


Startling competence on the part of the Chargers or the inevitable result of ridding themselves of Norv Turner? Doubtlessly the latter. Meanwhile, Dilfer is really selling the angle that the Texans are losing because they are unable to beat the elite quarterback. Is he suggesting Philip Rivers possesses elititude? That’s adorable.

Five seconds into the game, a Matt Schaub pass was batted in the air by Jarret Johnson and intercepted deep in Houston territory, setting up the rare Ryan Mathews touchdown to open scoring. Later in the first quarter Schaub hit Owen Daniels for a score to tie. Just to clarify, this was Schaub’s reaction to scoring and not his mother being hit by a bus.


From there, it’s been two more Rivers touchdown passes. The latest to Vincent Brown was keyed by an 18-yard scramble by Rivers that took approximately seven minutes.

The Texans had a very Texans drive in the second quarter. There was a 29-yard reception by Andre Johnson that was initially ruled a touchdown because it was unclear whether he has been contacted going to the ground. That was reversed on replay. The drive was later extended with a third down defensive holding call by Richard Marshall. After all that, the Texans came away with a missed field goal.

Speaking of which, they tried a 59-yard attempt to end the half

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