The 2012 Least Bowl Roster

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Last week, we killed time over the holiday break by asking you to vote on the roster for the Least Bowl, which is kind of like the Pro Bowl, except with terrible players but without an actual exhibition, making it equally as pointless as the Pro Bowl itself. Still, about 800 of you bothered to vote, which restores my faith in your appetite for pointless things. Thanks again to kommenter Feklhr for putting the voting application together. Here are the results:

QB Mark Sanchez
RB Ryan Mathews
WR Mike Wallace
TE Dustin Keller
O Line NYJ
D/ST Oakland
K Nick Folk
P Bryan Anger
Write-ins: Tim Tebow

QB Michael Vick
RB DeAngelo Williams
WR Hakeem Nicks
TE Brandon Pettigrew
O Line Arizona
D/ST New Orleans
K Mason Crosby
P Sav Rocca
Write-in: Bears O Line

Least Bowl MVP (most overall votes for any position): Mark Sanchez with 667 votes. (approx 83.5% of votes, Crosby had about 72%.)

More fun stuff after the jump:

Coach most written-in: Norv Turner by a mile

There was a strong write-in following for “Arizona QB”, but Vick had like 42% of the vote and there was only about 300 write ins on both sides.

Possibly humorous write-ins:

Your Mom
Whichever of Arizona’s QBs played long enough this season to qualify.
Ryan Lindley (QB ARizona; he was dog shit)
TE: Gronk’s leg
nnamdi asomugha – because he is so bad he needs individual honours
Joe Buck
Mark Sanchez again
Mark Sanchez Again
Mark Sanchez (b/c one vote isn’t enough)
Goodell – LEAST commissioner
Eli Manning aka “Corky”
How I Met Your Mother is just an awful disappointment now.
Every position should be Mark Sanchez
come on fekler, the Browns D has been middle of the road at worst
Chad Johnson (he did not play this year, but fuck him.)
Anything and anybody from Kansas City
Andy Reid’s Chumbucket

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