The Broncos Suck At Fax Machines

03.15.13 5 years ago 60 Comments

The Broncos thought they looked like a bunch of shrewd cap geniuses for getting linebacker Elvis Dumervil to agree to a pay cut from his scheduled $12 million 2013 salary just before the league’s 2 p.m. waiver wire deadline on Friday was set to expire. If Dumervil didn’t agree to the pay cut, he would be released.

Dumervil agreed to cut his salary to $8 million just half an hour before the deadline. All that remained was signing the agreement and faxing it to Broncos headquarters. Everything appeared set and everyone was happy, that is until a malicious fax machine decided to be really slow and f*ck it all up. That’s what the Broncos get for being the last business in operation to still use a fax machine.

So now Dumervil hits the open market. Yes, he can still re-sign with the Broncos, but it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Salary cap implications come into play that didn’t exist before this screw-up. Plus, John Elway is going to be busy for a while doing this:

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