The Game + Clyde Carson – “Tell That B**** Drive”

02.25.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


The title, “Tell That B**** Drive,” is definitely misleading here. Before clicking play, I fully expected the two West Coasters to be mashin’ on chicks and suckers, screamin’ out every derogatory word for women that Urban Dictionary had available.

That’s not what had happened.

Instead, a slow, crawling beat came out of the speakers, followed by reserved flows from both Game and Clyde take their flows down a couple of notches so they can creep while laying out storytelling verses. The track’s a rough version with no final word on where it’ll land, but Clyde’s got his project, Playboy, on the way so perhaps there. Whichever one of them snags it has a potential keeper on his hands.

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